From Today's Dolphin Tour

The Spotted Dolphins (Stennella attenuata) put on a lovely show today. We hung out with them for much of the morning. Que tranquilo! / Los delfines manchados pusieron un gran espectaculo. Nos quedamos con ellos durante gran parte de la mañana. So peaceful!

We're halfway to completion...

The #Roofs#Ceilings#Railings#Screens, and #Walls are being installed. The main #Building is well underway. And the first #Artisenal#Showerhead has been fabricated / Estamos a medio camino de la finalización...Se están instalando los #Cielos #Techos#Barandillas#Pantallas y #Paredes. El #edificioprincipal está en marcha. Y el primer #Alcachofadeladucha #Artisenal ha sido fabricado.

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The foundation for the main building has been dug / Se han excavado los huecos del edificio principal.

The dry season is here so we should see a lot of progress in many areas.

The gavion wall is finished, and we're putting in floors before roofs (!)

This is strange and we may get a bunch of negative feedback from those in the construction business. But we’re putting the teak floors down, without the roof. This seasons the flooring and acclimates the wood. The climate here never goes below 70% humidity and so the wood is never going to fully dry, no matter what. So this technique allows the wood to acclimate to the elements - to expand and shrink as it wants. And then we will sand and finish it as we get closer to the final finish of the bungalows (and the roofs have been secured). Also, there is no sub-floor - the steel frame is the sub-floor. This ensures that there is no place for termites and other animals to nest. Every 3 months we will go underneath the cabins with a broom and clean them of all debris - including nests. And every one or 2 years, we will re-apply the water-based finish that repels weather and insects.

And here is the gavion wall, completed.

Finished Gavion.jpg
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